Group Classes

Group spin classes

We have a variety of classes to choose from for every skill level. Spin to the beat with our Party class or take a tour real routes from around the world!

Colours of Peloton

New to indoor cycling? Looking for REAL results? All levels of fitness and experience are welcomed to join our our signature ride at Peloton. Enter your metrics and your ride is tailored to you. Get coached through speed and strength intervals for optimal cardiovascular results. Your ride, your colors, your results.

Party with Peloton

A class suited for everyone of all abilities. We're turning up the heat in this class that combines high-intensity spin intervals with DJ-inspired beats. You'll get a full-body sweat like never before at this Peloton party!

2 Hour Endurance Rides

A 2 hour ride suitable for all levels! Using your metrics train through longer sustained efforts which will ultimately increase your personal fitness and overall performance. Use these classes as a base building block for any endurance event you might have signed up for. An incredible calorie burn that will have you feeling on an endorphin high for the rest of the day.


Nothing to do on a Friday Night? Instead of hanging on the couch, hang with us on a bike. Kick off your weekend at Peloton with Ride-In, watch a movie and get to know your cycling neighbours. Afterwards catch up with all your friends with some fun socializing. Everyone welcome, great times for all!

Climb the Giants

Prepare to be challenged to your higher limits! Gain some amazing elevation during an hour ride. All levels of riders are invited to experience the world’s most majestic climbs. Inspiration comes easy while you ride along with video footage of epic ascents, a chance to capture your own “polka dot” jersey.

Tour de Peloton

Discover some of the world’s best-kept secrets with this global ride. Feel the cars passing you by as you cycle up vast mountains; hear the sounds of the cheers as you sprint past your opponents; smell the victory as you cross the finish line. This ride allows you to experience riding a true Tour with Peloton!

Ride & Core

A class suited for everyone of all abilities. Peloton’s combo class, best of both worlds! Having a strong core is key for any workout. Ride the first 2/3 of the class to get your heart rate up, then hop off the bike for a true focused core training session.

Functional Fitness - TRX & Core

Catering to all levels of fitness this class is a great addition to any fitness routine! A 50 minute small group class to challenge and improve your balance and core stability utilizing the TRX and a variety of core focused exercises.

The Sufferfest

If you’re serious about getting faster, then The Sufferfest is your secret weapon. Let us enterPAIN you with these incredibly engaging, highly effective cycling training videos. We motivate you to push further than you thought possible. These videos put you right in the heart of the world’s greatest races. Whether climbing the mountains of the Tour de France, racing across the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix or sprinting for victory in the Road World Championships, we’ll make you feel like you’re part of the action. Even on those days you don’t want to train, the engrossing story lines in the videos will make you forget everything else around you. Our enterPAINment will get the most out of you – sucking you in and then spitting you out a sobbing, wretched glorious mess. And you’ll be better for it.

Rhythm Ride

A class suited to those who love to feel the beat, let the music move you and are always the first on the dance floor. This class caters to all fitness levels, a 50 minute party right there on the seat.

2 Weeks UNLIMITED riding for new riders