#PelotonTrained Rider Testimonials

Meet the Haddow family, a Mom, Daughter and Son trio that all share in the passion of spin, a great workout and our awesome Peloton community that we are so proud of! #PelotonTrained

Haddow Family, Peloton Cycling Testimonial

Nick Haddow: I choose to cycle at Peloton because it provides an environment and resources where I can pursue my own fitness goals in a positive inclusive environment. In addition to being able to ride with my mom and sister, the Peloton Team creates an environment where everyone feels welcome and included; such that I truly feel like I’m meeting a “team” for a training session. The Friday night “Ride-Ins” speak volumes to the community Peloton has created when an ever-changing group of people who met simply through spin class can show up go for a “ride” and then socialize after without hesitation.

Heather Haddow: When you walk through the doors of Peloton, the positive energy and enthusiasm is immediately contagious. I am neither competitive, nor a high end athlete - all I'm looking for as an older person is somewhere that I feel welcome and don't feel awkward trying to achieve my own personal goals. Martine and her entire team has provided that environment for me. Regardless of who you are or your ability, you feel valued, welcomed, encouraged, supported and motivated to do the best you can for yourself. Thank you Martine and the rest of the team at Peloton!!

Ashleigh Haddow: I love Peloton because of the unreal instructors that push you to go beyond your comfort zone, the supportive and welcoming members, and obviously the awesome workout I get each and every time I go to a class. Aside from achieving some of my own fitness goals, Peloton has been the greatest stress reliever in my life over the past couple years. The team at Peloton has built a really special community that I feel lucky to be a part of, and I can truly say that I look forward to each day that I am able to go spin at the studio!

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