About Peloton

What is Peloton Cycling?

Pel.o.ton (noun)


1.) the main pack of riders in a road race*

*Riding in a peloton is a tactical move to save energy before launching an attack to the finish. At Peloton, we are all about the group ride and experience.

Why Peloton

Peloton Cycling is a state-of-the-art indoor cycling studio. We cater to cyclists and exercise enthusiasts; and because indoor cycling is a low impact, high cardio workout, burning lots of calories all levels of fitness are able to participate.

Our vision is to create an amazing fitness experience which is convenient and fun.

Benefits of Spin

Benefits to Spin Peloton Cycling CalgaryThe classes are known for their high energy instructors who combine music, coaching, power based bikes and passion to create an exhilarating workout. We encourage our hard core riders and our beginners to adapt their workout to fit their experience and comfort level; and although, indoor cycling has a reputation for intensity, we appeal to every rider's needs. It's your workout; the level of intensity is yours to choose. Learn more about the benefits to spinning at Peloton:

Rapid Calorie Burn

Spin is a high intensity workout pairing together cardio and strength which is proven to be the best way to burn calories fast. Gain lean muscle mass and shed body fat.

Low Impact

Spin is a non load bearing exercise, reducing the load on your joints allowing you to hit new fitness goals before becoming injured and sore. Adding spin to your weekly fitness routine will balance your current activities adding both cardio and strength and help you achieve your fitness goals faster and instill habits that last longer!

Stress Relief

Let all of your day to day stress be relieved through a pedal pushing workout! Your ride at Peloton is your own time to turn your brain off and think only of your task at hand, spinning! You deserve it!

Ride At Your Own Pace

"Oh spin, that is way too intense for me!" Yes it is a great workout but thanks to the technology in our bikes and our trained instructors, we are able to set your ride up to fit your fitness level so you can ride at your own pace and get the workout you want! Best part is, no one will get left behind because our bikes don't move!

No Planning Require

All you have to do is put aside 1hr of your time and our highly trained and experienced instructors will lead you through a planned and energetic workout catered specifically to your abilities. No program planning or having to motivate yourself to get through a workout on your own!

Track Your Improvements

Thanks to our power based bikes we are able to enter personalized bio-metrics to give you an estimated FTW (Functional Threshold Watt Rate) while measuring your power in watts, calories burned, km ridden, speed and cadence. Watch your numbers rise and break new personal bests day after day!

Build Community

Ride together as one big Peloton. It is amazing how much energy we can feed off of one another when we sweat together. At Peloton we get to encourage one another as we all work through the same physical and mental struggles and then we get to celebrate together when we finish a workout and feel proud and powerful!

Feel the benefits and register for your spin class now!

2 Weeks UNLIMITED riding for new riders